2nd Trimester…

DSC00007So, it’s the end of our 2nd trimester.  Even though I keep forgetting finals are Friday, I have to come to terms that my classes are ending.  This has once again been an amazing trimester.  True, I didn’t get the joy of working with an advanced theatre class this trimester, but my Acting 1 and Tech Theatre classes were just as enjoyable, even 5th hour.

As this week ends, I’m finding myself realizing I’m actually going to miss these classes.  Each class had a different energy that made my day that much better.  Tech Theatre grinned and bared most of the homework and projects with grace and didn’t complain about the make-up unit or doing the workbook.  They also impressed me with their building skills and team work.  It was quite fun.

IMG_3186For the Acting Classes, each hour was totally different from each other.  3rd hour was a cohesive bunch who became friends and were willing to do anything and loved to play.  Also, they all were great actors!  They were nice and a great class to work with every day, as we all became friends of some sort.

4th hour became a little more rowdy, but they were always amusing with their bickering and one-uping each other. The girls were wonderful to work with and talk to, while the guys were amusing to watch and listen to.  They too enjoyed a good game and allowed each other to perform under pressure.

My final class of the day kept me on my toes and made me lose daily, but they also were entertaining!   If you asked me two weeks ago about this class, I was counting down the days until that 5th hour class was over, but now, this week… I feel as though I will miss this class the most.  What has become of my sanity?  I can’t wait to have all of these students again in either Acting 2 or Tech Theatre.  I hope I get to see them again!


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