Meet the Artist: Alden Laev

535516_432332063460294_1530656453_nSo, the true first time I met Alden I was walking a friends dog around his neighborhood (this was also the same time I apparently met Meg Huskin… I didn’t find this out until last week or so, but I’m piecing things together.  Anyway, I met him again during Treasure Island auditions where everyone was obsessed with him.  This year has been a treat working with Alden and I look forward to his senior year and watching him grow even more.  Meet Alden, our Bass playing Actor in Musical Comedy Murders of 1940.

1. What inspired your journey into the Arts?

I’ve been a classical and rock/jazz bassist for a few years now, so going from performing with an instrument to with my voice and actions seemed like a fun challenge.
2. Who is your Character and how have you created that personality? What has been the biggest challenge you have come across in your character so far?

My character is Klaus Stansdorff, a Gestapo agent, posing as Irish tenor Patrick O’Reilly. It’s been difficult to decide how I, as an actor, should play a soldier playing an actor. Additionally I’ve had to interpret how the soldier’s personality disrupts the façade of the eager actor.
3. What are your funniest and worst experiences performing in front of an audience?

This is my only my second show, so I have yet to truly embarrass myself on stage, but I do recall solo ensemble festival a few years ago during which I played half of my solo without an accompanist and then stopped and played the remainder with Mr. Dixon accompanying me on piano. Not my finest moment. My favorite experience as a performer was at the 7th annual Orchestra Festival, which we culminated with Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, cannon and all. Mequon loves cannon fire.
67166_4588391475367_1284420479_n4. If you had a chance to work with anyone of your choosing, who would it be?

Winston Churchill is certainly one of my heroes; I would love to spend some time building walls with him in the English countryside (bricklaying was a hobby of his). David Crosby, Graham Nash, Steven Stills, and Neil Young (CSNY) inspire me with their every golden harmony, so jamming with them would be fantastic.

5. What are you most proud of and what dreams or goals would you like to fulfill?

I’m inordinately proud of the wilderness trips I’ve gone on; these experiences have given me some unique skills and an abiding love of the great outdoors. I hope to do pioneering research in the field of biology and find ways for humans to exist in symbiosis with the Earth.

6. What do you want to do After High School? Do you have any dreams or hopes for the Future? Do you know where you are going to school?

After high school I’m planning on going to college for biology and English study, possibly taking a gap year as a ski bum or a Peace Corps volunteer. And I’ve set my mind on living as a hermit in northern Maine for a few years.

7. Which three famous people would you invite to dinner and why [dead celebrities included]? And what tasty treat would you prepare?

Andrew Hamilton, Charles Darwin, and Ferdinand Porsche would grace my table with varied discussions. I’d probably serve sautéed rainbow kale- it’s like superfood.

8. What is your favorite genre of music? Why?

In my eyes, the 60s were the height of musical creativity- rock was emerging as a genre and America was going through some major growing pains. There’s so much gorgeous, meaningful music from that era. As such, my favorite genre is classic folk rock- CSNY, Simon and Garfunkel, Cat Stevens.

733852_10151552047767641_876966212_n9. Have you read any plays lately? What are your favorite?

I read The Violet Hour in my hunt for monologues back in March. The play forced me to think about the way people interact and what each person is worth. I love any and all Shakespeare- although I’ve never read the script, Merry Wives of Windsor is possibly my favorite.

10. Tell us 5 interesting and unknown facts about yourself!

A. I can wiggle my ears.

B. I wish I had a fountain pen.

C. I have an long-standing distrust of grape tomatoes.

D. I enjoy cycling just for the sake of it.

E. Big fish scare me way more than they should.

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