What’s the point of theatre?

theatre_is_life_bumper_stickerTheatre is fundamentally about sharing ideas. It’s about sharing ideas not only from the cast to the audience, but from and to everyone involved in the process. It’s about a writer having an idea and sharing it with the director, and about this director sharing that idea with a cast, and that cast sharing their ideas with the director and with each other, which – after a lot more sharing – is finally shared with an audience. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Theatre is about fun. It’s about playing make believe, causing mischief, finding a family and sharing experiences with one another – connecting in ways you didn’t think possible. It’s about backstage parties, inside jokes and having a group of people you know will always be there for you.

Opera-500x333Theatre is about gaining a deeper understanding of the way the world works, and how you fit into that. It’s about flooding your head with new bundles of feelings woven into those things we humans called Ideas, and growing these Ideas with every rehearsal, until they become embroidered and beaded into things which are fundamentally parts of You. And You develop too. Theatre is about constantly moving and growing and learning and developing as a person, and feeding into that with everything you do.

Theatre is about challenging viewpoints. It’s about turning everything you and the people around you know as normal on it’s head, and offering up ideas as to what could replace this pre-conceived normality.

2973_10151386525138870_110923594_nTheatre is about making new worlds. It’s about working in a suspended reality where normality is meaningless, and anything can be anything because – momentarily – you can play god.

Theatre is a celebration. A celebration of humanity.

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