Auditions By: Andrew Lococo (’16)

Group Warm-ups happen before the audition starts
Group Warm-ups happen before the audition starts

Auditions. The single worst word of the English language to any actor. The competitive fuss, the little mistake that you hope and pray the director didn’t see, and the hopeful nerve-wracking feeling of standing out. This is the very nature of most auditions, typically. But, why should they be like this? Why is there a need for all of the pressure and stress for the actors?

There simply isn’t.

Forget what you think, forget what you’ve seen or heard, and just do it. Go in with self-confidence and stand out among the rest.

Auditions happen in groups or solo.
Auditions happen in groups or solo.

At Homestead, auditions go kind of like this. After school everyone hoping for a role meets in the Black Box theatre, fills out forms, and listens for instructions from the director, Ms. Figg-Franzoi. Once the auditions begin, the floor is completely open to anyone. Everyone watches as you perform and provides support when you finish. The atmosphere is very laid back and supportive. No one wishes ill on anyone and certainly not the director. And if something occurs that was not supposed to, just keep moving forward. The key to impress is to know that you can. Trust yourself, follow the instructions, and knock ‘em dead. See you there!

By: Andrew Lococo
Drama Club Co-President
Call of 2016

If there is time we play games and improvise.
If there is time we play games and improvise.

Note from the Director: Do you know how amazing you are just by getting up in front of people and auditioning for a play the second day of school?  That’s impressive.  If you can do that you have already shown me you can make a choice and commit.  Theatre is all about choices.  In auditions show everyone that you are that kind of actor.  Make terrible choices, but at least make a choice… don’t “play it safe.”  Anyone can do that.  Come in a make mistakes.  Do you know how many times I’ve failed?  More than you have tried, so don’t worry.  I was right there with you as an performer once upon a time… around a month ago.  So no worries.  Just come to work hard and have fun!

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