Light, Camera, Action By: Alexandra Buchanan

Team Work in Acting One
Team Work in Acting One

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on a stage with bright lights, microphones, and with hundreds of people watching you recite lines that you have practiced for weeks?  Well, Acting One introduces you to the amazing art of acting.

During my fun filled time in Acting One, we spent time on learning the multiple methods of acting.  First, we learned how to a pantomime.  With a partner and our imagination we entertained the audience for five minutes.  We had to act out several scenarios using no words or real props.  The hardest part was to remember where you had set down an imaginary prop.  Next we tried our hand at making radio commercials.  We read off scripts and edited both sound and voice effects in an application called Garage Band.  This assignment was fun because we could make our voices sound really funny with the editing.  After the radio commercials we wrote a script and made a commercial for a make believe product.  I liked this because we could use crazy props and could work with other classmates.  We learned all about iMovie and script writing.

Video Commercial
Video Commercial

Next came our hardest assignment.  We had to memorize monologues and act out a scene from a movie.  I learned the best way to memorize a lot of information is to do small pieces at a time and slowly put it all together.  If we forgot a line of our monologue we had to learn how to improvise, or make something up on the spot.  The class made a smooth transition from monologues to dialogues.  A dialogue is a conversation between two people.  We worked with a partner for several days.  With our partner, we performed dialogues for about five minutes.  I learned that teamwork is an integral part of a dialogue.

Lastly, small group of students were assigned to make a script that included a video of the scene.  Each group picked the details of their scene out of a hat.  This included a prop, a character, and a genera.  We constructed a mini movie with a time limit of five minutes.  Our grade included editing the short movie to make it look professional.  I really enjoyed this project.


During the trimester we were instructed to see a play and write a review.  The assignment was to critique all aspects of the play.  I realized that live theatre is very difficult because it is live.   An actor might change a line or facial expression or the actions might slightly change.  The rest of the cast has to respond to these changes on the spot without any practice.  Even if something goes wrong with a live performance, the show must go on!!

Acting One, helped our class learn how to memorize, how to work with other people, how to use Garageband, how to use iMovie, how to write scripts, how to perform on stage, and much more.  Acting One is a great class to take even if you are not interested in being in plays or on stage.  You learn so much and become a better public speaker, and team-mate.  The skills learned in Acting One can go anywhere you go.  Acting One has helped me learn how to learn lots of material, manage my work time, in and out of class, presentation skills, and it has helped me learn about fast changing technology in today’s theater world.  I really enjoyed my time in Acting One.  I met many new people and made lifelong friends.  I know I will be able to use the skills I learned in Acting Once in many other classes both in high school and beyond.  I have a new appreciation and respect for actors of all kinds.  It truly is a learned skill that takes a lot of practice.

Now I’ll take my final bow – see you in Scene Two!

Written By: Alexandra Buchanan
3rd Trimester 2015
Acting 1 2nd Hour

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