We Killed those Monsters

By: Erin Meskimen

Before the show I woke up at 7:30, showered, ate a ton of mini donuts, and then walked to Homestead. I brought with me a blanket so I could take a nap on the bus, which I was SO RUDELY AWAKENED FROM by Lauren Brill (she poked me). Upon arriving to Plinkerton (Really it was Campbellsport, but Riley thought the town was called Plinkerton) I knew we would probably run into problems. 

My first impression of the theater was that it was very small and confined. I didn’t know how I was going to fit my projector in with such a small wing. I think I did the best I could given the size of Plinkerton’s stage. I was very frustrated with the circumstances, but I think the group handled it pretty well, the actors were able to adapt to the size and enter through a different area than normal.

4G7A7207For the show, I sat in a really uncomfortable position, held a curtain out of the way of the projector, and changed the slides on a computer I couldn’t see.  I didn’t have the room to pull the projector back far enough to fill the screen, and I couldn’t angle it so that it was straight on, I guess I’m not very good at being straight. Since I couldn’t see my computer, I had to feel for the button every time I needed to change slides, so sometimes I would accidentally change too early and then change back. I enjoyed not having to really move much to get on and off stage, I just scooted back 3 inches and I was clear. For Sectionals I will improve timing and coordination with the other projector and the vines every time we change.

I was so happy and relieved to find out we passed and we weren’t eliminated I wanted pass out!

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