Story about One Act District By: Christian Loukopoulos

By: Christian Loukopoulos

Chapter 1

Suddenly my muscles tensed as I sprang up from my pillow from which my head had recently laid upon, due to a familiar noise that I had grown to despise. After a split second I sprang into action! knowing all too well what was needed to be done. Typing feverishly as the clock besides me shone its wisdom upon me I rushed to finish a single but important sheet of paper needed to make the play complete. However as the clock showed me its wisdom, I could tell that I was running out of what I feared most… time! Setting my laptop down as fast as I dared to, I then set off to uncover myself from my dungeon of blankets. Soon after escaping from the dungeon of blankets I could feel the chill throughout my body from the unbearable air that waited for me. After a long journey I was able to arrive at the shower. Shortly after arriving at the shower I once again had to go on the long journey back from where I had once come from. Grabbing my belonging and the almighty sheet I had worked feverishly on I was able to make my way to my vehicle. 

Chapter 2

After myself and my companions arrived at Plinkerton (really Campbellsport, but Riley called it Plinkerton) due to our amazing and almighty leader Figg. we were able to find our way to the area where the story tellers performed with the help of the mighty warrior Wayne. while listening to the great story of Bubble Boy I observed the platform that me and my fellow companions would tell our amazing story on. I could only think of how we would do such a thing with the small amount of room that was available to our use. However after converging with the warrior Wayne and mighty leader Figg, we set up a plan of action so we could provide the audience with a wonderful experience.  I was able to adapt to this new and undiscovered territory, and my companions as well became very efficient with what they had to work with. 

Chapter 3

During the performance I was in charge of the very important curtains that helped make the performance complete. Since my mission was of the utmost importance I took it very seriously and only had a minor mess up with one of the curtains failing to operate correctly. Even though I had that minor mess up I was able to enjoy the workout I obtained from pulling up and down the curtains. After myself and my companions moved on to a more advanced storytelling challenge. I was able to review what went on and come up with the idea that I need to fix the curtains pulley operation that Jenna and I coordinate. 

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