Story time with Haley Stevens

By: Haley Stevens (16′)

4G7A7371Before the day began, I was sleeping.  When my alarm began ringing the annoying tune, labeled Helium, at 7 am–I thought I would get up to exercise–I accidently hit the off button instead of the snooze button, which has a seven minute grace period.  So, instead of getting up early, which I have been trying to do, and failing at, for the last three weeks, my mom was pounding on my door at 8:10.  Immediately, I got up to make coffee. Except, we were out of coffee.  SO I SCREAMED.  And then my mom screamed at me to get dressed. So I did.  Then I asked her if we could go get coffee.  And then she was all like “ Gas station!” And then I was like

“Wait…What?!?  You said yes?!”  And then we left, and I bought a 24 oz. thing of coffee and a bag of granola from the gas station for breakfast.  But when I entered the car with the change, the coffee and granola was a total of $2.56, my mom screamed,


“Yes, I do.”  And then we drove to Homestead.  I arrived at 8:51 am, hopping on the bus.  

I did not know what I was getting myself into because I did not even know the name of highschool we were performing at (because I didn’t actually pay attention to what Ms. Figg-Franzoi was telling us all week) so…yeah.  Basically the only thing I knew was that there was going to be a truck with our set and a school performing before us.  And I especially did not know that there were going to be donut holes on the bus, which I ate a bunch of by the way. Anyways, my experience was good.  

When I first entered the theater space, my first thought was “Awwww…it’s so small and adorable!” But then a second thought entered my brain, “Omg, this space is so small and adorable, I am going to die!” When we were on stage, I think I adapted pretty well, except that the set was so squished together that it was hard for my wings to unfold.  It was also really hard to skip away without running into anything.  As a whole, our group adapted very well.  As a cheerleader, I know we faced out more, which was good.

In the show, I am a succubus cheerleader actress.  Personally, I think I was pretty successful on Saturday.  My lines were said loudly and proudly.  I enjoyed acting like a stuck up mean girl because I never act that way in real life, so it’s fun.  I don’t think I can improve more…maybe staying in character more off stage, but other than that, I believe I am pretty awesome…so, yeah…no changes there.

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