Shrek The Musical: Review

Is it even possible to bring to life a classic animation? Could it be as good as the movies? Would a stage version of Shrek the musical work? The answer is YES. Outstanding show from start to finish.



Jack Cannon as Lord Farquaad


Based on the DreamWorks film starring Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, and John Lithgow, this musicalized version follows the same essential premise: a lonely ogre Shrek (played eloquently here by Danny Levy) and his new gregarious but clingy pal Donkey (Silma Berrada) are on a mission to rescue Princess Fiona (Maisie Allen) from a tower and deliver her to the height-challenged, evil Lord Farquaad (Jack Cannon) as his bride. But Fiona has a curse that can only be broken by a kiss from her one true love…which obviously ain’t the pint-sized tyrant.

Appropriate for all ages, “Shrek” is a well-balanced show with a book by David Lindsay-Abaire and replacing the film’s pop covers and montages is a cache of original jaunty songs by Lindsay-Abaire and Jeanine Tesori that pointedly further the story and genuinely capture the indelible characters. But don’t worry the high-octane and very danceable finale, Neil Diamond’s “I’m A Believer,” remains solidly intact and is sure to raise an enthusiastic audience for a singalong.



Shrek (Danny Levy) and Donkey (Silma Berrada)

A stellar cast, stand out performances by Silma Berrada as Donkey and Jack Cannon as Lord Farquadd. We loved the fairytale cast; they were on point and brought the nostalgic and memorable characters to life. The musical numbers crafted by Amanda Cushnie and Amelia Figg-Franzoi were put together with all with important life lessons. Freak Flag by Ms. Cushnie was our favorite, it was all about embracing who you are and being yourself.


Fantastic set design and stunning costumes, make this an engaging and enjoyable experience for all. It was a creative and well thought out production that really does work.


Tickets are sold at the door!

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