Mikado Rehearsals

So, December has started and with three weeks of “The Mikado” rehearsals under our belt, the cast, crews and pit get ready for a much needed break.  We still have a long way to go with music, acting and making the set and costumes, but what we have started is great.  Junior, Mari Duckler describes … More Mikado Rehearsals

Ode to the Clock

“Ready?!?!?! GO!” Screech, grunt, slap, crash. A chain drags across the ground. All common sounds as we set up for one act, carrying out our monumental set out from back shop. A monumental set it was: 5 pieces of scaffolding, two stack on top of the other to create doorways and the last sheeted with … More Ode to the Clock

Around the World in 80 Days in 40 Minutes

To win a bet, Phileas Fogg and her acrobatic sidekick Passepartout must circle the globe and return to London inside of 80 days. Unknowingly pursued by a tireless detective convinced Fogg is a robber on the run, the fast-minded, fleet-footed pair traverse 4 continents and 3 oceans in a white-knuckled sprint. Homestead High School’s One … More Around the World in 80 Days in 40 Minutes