Painting the Floor

3 weeks ago, I spent my time before school and during lunch, painting the stage floor.  We were moving the set into place that night, so we wanted to paint the floor under it before placing it.  Lunch was filled with questions. “What are you doing?” “Are you allowed to do that?” “Why is it … More Painting the Floor

Hard Work

Last week, ah… last week.  It seems so calm and peaceful now, thinking back on it from a  rehearsal free weekend.  Monday marked out first run through of Act 2.  While is was fun to run, we all realized that we were very behind.  So, the days to follow were spent playing catch-up. There were … More Hard Work

Stumble Through

Yesterday the cast ran all of Act One for the first time. And by ran it I mean stumbled through it. There are songs and dances we all know by heart and then there are those songs that we did once and forgot everything about it. But for it being so incongruous, the cast got … More Stumble Through