Come see “Shrek The Musical”

With enchanting storybook sets, eye-popping and dazzling costumes, a sumptuous live orchestra, dancing mice and palace guards, a young cast bubbling over with talent, a tad of Ogre flatulence, and a universal poignant message about judging a book by its cover, Homestead High School‘s award-winning theatre has a fairytale ending this year with its blockbuster … More Come see “Shrek The Musical”

Who is Figg?

So… you have a class with Ms. Figg-Franzoi?  Yeah, that’s Figg… she’s the theatre teacher.  Most students will tell you she’s weird, has an odd fashion sense, and her classes are AWESOME!!  Ok… well, maybe that last part was said by Figg.  She’s embarking on her seventh year at HHS where she mostly teaches theatre classes, … More Who is Figg?

What is Original?

I don’t know if you follow any of the other social media that revolves around Homestead Theatre, but I have been obsessing over the Scenic Design of Robin Hood.  As much as Stage Crew and Tech Theatre disliked stapling 10 volumes of old Medieval Dictionaries and out of Date Encyclopedias, the set looks magical. Last night … More What is Original?

Magical ‘Nights’ spins tales richly told

The magical stories of Shahrazad’s 1,001 Arabian Nights come to life with the simple combination of a storyteller’s hypnotic voice, a richly colored backdrop and some extraordinarily dexterous performances in the James Barr Auditorium at Homestead High School.  Adapter Dominic Cooke selects just four stories, ranging from the familiar Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves to the more … More Magical ‘Nights’ spins tales richly told