Filling Friday

It’s 9pm on a Friday night and I’m in the presence of 30 Drama Club students watching Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland.”  It’s Drama Club movie night!  Everyone is snuggled in blankets, perched on couches or sitting on pillows with piles of food around them in our wonderful Black Box Theatre. But don’t worry, this … More Filling Friday

Casting …

We know auditions are usually an actor’s least favorite activity (Second only to Tech rehearsals that run past midnight). There’s so much pressure; so much anticipation. Fear. Confidence. Doubt! Excitement! Terror!! Ego!!! And that’s just your first 10 seconds in the ensemble room… We want you to enjoy the audition process as much as is … More Casting …

Confidence Tricks:

Breathing for Confidence It’s really important to stay on relaxed breathing when nerves set in at the audition or performance. If you go into upper chest breathing, you get an imbalance of oxygen and carbon dioxide which makes you feel dizzy, nervous, sound unconfident and stops you thinking clearly. That’s why it’s called a ‘fight … More Confidence Tricks:

Tips to Avoid the Mind Games People Play at Auditions

I give this speech to my students when they’re going in for a big audition, be it college auditions or local productions; anywhere the stakes are high and there are kids involved. There’s a certain kind of coping mechanism some people use to deal with the stress of auditions that involves subtly undermining the confidence … More Tips to Avoid the Mind Games People Play at Auditions